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Why You Need PR

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

With the digital era, we are currently in, one may feel as though the need for public relations (PR) is obsolete. Essentially, one can advertise themselves and their products right from an app at their fingertips. If your sixty-second video clip goes viral, you’ve already received more publicity than any traditional public relations firm can give you in that amount of time. Today, I will remind you of some key advantages that demonstrate the value of public relations.

First on the list is crisis management. The downside to having several public platforms at your fingertips is that it makes it all too easy to put your foot in your mouth. If you happen to slip up and post or respond to something that negatively impacts your brand and/or organization, you may not have the tools to effectively remedy the potential damage. After all, as stated by Ernest Bramah, “A reputation for a thousand years may depend upon the conduct of a single moment.”

Next, is the issue of advertisement oversaturation. Seeing an ad or even several ads while you are scrolling the internet is a more than common occurrence for most. The important question is, how many of those ads do you actually pay attention to? In most cases, the answer is none of them. In fact, the iPhone app, AdBlock Plus is used by many to block the bombardment of online advertisements that consumers see daily. With that being said, we currently live in an era where the sheer volume of online advertisements has caused the consumer to feel generally inconvenienced by all ads. So how do you stand out as an organization among the masses? Public relations. A lot of PR firms incorporate marketing and advertising techniques into their campaigns to enhance the reputation of their clients. This would include helping the client build an advertising strategy that will achieve the most public recognition for their brand or organization.

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